Home Learning Grids

The staff have been working incredibly hard to produce these home learning grids for all of the children in our care. These have taken a lot of thought, time and care. We hope you will find what we have produced useful but above all manageable and realistic.

As a staff we are very aware that each of our families are unique and circumstances vary from one family to the next. We have tried our utmost to ensure that there is a balance and a range of learning, catering for lots of needs as well as the type of provision you are able to establish at home.

We understand that not all of you will have super speedy internet access, some of you will be working full time, as well as supporting the individual needs of your child or children. Some of you are happy to have quite formal learning whereas some of you are happy to go with the children’s particular interests.

With all of this in mind, Team Churchfields, have produced two learning grids one for EYFS and KS1 and one grid for KS2. There is an overarching theme that both learning grids have in common, Under the sea.

We have planned the grids in such a way so, if you have more than one child at home you will hopefully be able to find something that you can easily do with all of your children. We want this to be a positive experience and as achievable as possible for you all.

Teachers will give feedback on all examples of learning that are returned to your class email address. We will endeavour to do so as soon as is reasonably possible. We really value all of the children’s efforts and look forward to receiving your emails.

The grids are a ‘Pick and mix’ style approach to learning. You can choose to complete as many activities as you wish from the options provided and there are a range of subject areas covered. There is no need to complete every single activity as we will also be providing links and resources to other Maths and English sites. We do hope you find what we have planned, interesting, creative and doable. Our aim is to be as supportive as possible rather than inundate you.

We are planning on sending a similar grid out on a fortnightly basis and welcome any constructive feedback. We aim to support you with all of this in the best possible way we can and value your opinions.

Sending you all our best wishes

Team Churchfields

EYFS and KS1


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