Welcome to Churchfields

We are privileged to be the Executive Headteacher and Head of School of Churchfields, the Village School. We are passionate in our beliefs that children should receive the best education possible. This allows them to not only thrive during their childhood but ensures they gain the aspirations, skills and knowledge for them to be the best they can throughout their lives. The school community is therefore focused on developing the whole child through the setting of high standards of learning and behaviour, and providing the experiences and support to enable these to be reached. We are proud that our provision not only focuses on the basic skills of English and mathematics but broadly covers a rich variety of subjects through an experiential curriculum, such as our ‘Forest School’ work. All learning takes place in the context of positive Christian values such as mutual care and respect, encouraging pupils to flourish spiritually as well as academically.

We are a Church of England school within the Diocese of Salisbury. The Christian values of friendship, compassion, hope, forgiveness and justice underpin all we do. Our school is well respected in the community and has 123 pupils on roll (January 2024). We are lucky enough to have two bases at Atworth and Monkton Farleigh which we take advantage of through joint learning programmes and social events. Pupils have the opportunity to visit each other and work together at both bases regularly which they really enjoy.

We are proud of our open-door policy which allows the school to have first class relationships with parents/carers for the benefit of their children’s development and education. We always seek to involve families by finding out their views of the school and offering opportunities such as open days and information sessions.

It is important to us that the school constantly evolves to meet the needs of our children and that they are actively involved in this. For this reason we have a School Council comprising children from each year group who meet regularly to gather the views of all pupils and work with the senior staff to bring about change to make the school a happier and more productive place.

Mrs Saunders holds the responsibility at Churchfields as the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). This is a critical role ensuring children are kept safe in school at all times, something we all take incredibly seriously. The DSL role includes ensuring we meet all statutory and recommended guidelines relating to the protection of children including, but not limited to: vetting of all people coming into contact with children in school – volunteers and staff alike; reporting of any issues relating to child protection to external agencies, including the police and social care, as appropriate; and ensuring staff receive comprehensive and regular training on how to work effectively and skillfully with children, families and other professionals in the best interest of the pupils in our care. Our regularly updated Child Protection Policy can be viewed online via our policies page or parents are welcome to contact the school office if they require a paper copy.

We are proud of our school and enjoy celebrating its successes. Visitors are warmly welcomed. We are pleased to confirm we have disabled access to the main buildings at both bases. If you would like to arrange to visit, please contact us on 01225 703026 or use the contact form. Alternatively you can email us using admin@churchfields.wilts.sch.uk

Should you wish to visit the school, please contact us by phone or email in the first instance.

I can be easily contacted via the school using the details included on this website. Our Chair of Governors, Mr Ed Latimer-Sayer, is also contactable via the email address chair@churchfields.wilts.sch.uk.

We look forward to meeting you.

Heather Saunders
Head of School
Simon Futcher
Executive Headteacher