Wow! Days

At Churchfields, we firmly believe that children should always find learning fun and stimulating. Motivating and inspiring children’s thirst for knowledge is something we take very seriously, so every new topic launches with a ‘Wow!’ day. Children from both bases come together to take part in a carefully planned day to pique their interest through out-of-school trips, visitors and creative and practical activities.

This is firmly supported by our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), who tirelessly fundraise throughout the year to ensure these experiences come at little or no cost to our families. Each term a budget is given to every class to finance each Wow! day, as well as any other special resources to make the topic as exciting as it can be.

For example, when beginning their ‘Circus’ topic, children and staff came into school on the Wow! day dressed as their favourite circus act, and learned tricks of the trade from a real circus performer! This enthralled our pupils and helped to carry their interest all the way through the topic.

Wow! days motivate our pupils to want to achieve their very best, and we are proud of the successes they achieve every single day.

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