Gifted and Talented

We believe in providing the best possible opportunities for pupils of all abilities. We plan our teaching and learning so that each child can aspire to the highest level of personal achievement. All children under our care are special in their own way and have areas they do well in, and our role is to foster this ability to ensure it grows throughout our pupils’ school career.

‘More Able’ refers to a child who has a broad range of achievement at a level well above average, typically in the more academic subjects.

‘Gifted & Talented’ refers to a child who excels in one or more specific fields. ‘Gifted’ referring to academic ability and ‘talented’ referring to artistic, musical and physical abilities.

Approximately 30% of the children in our school will be considered as more able, and 10% gifted or talented. Provision will made for these children within the normal class teaching, but we also provide enrichment or extension activities to promote their skills and talents still further where appropriate.

We offer a range of activities to address these pupils’ needs, including:

  • Provision of frequent open-ended extended writing opportunities centred around a range of challenging fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Challenging open-ended investigations in which children apply their knowledge and understanding.
  • Pupils taking lead roles in the Churchfields Performing Arts Club and productions.
  • Various musical instrumental lessons, including piano, singing, and woodwind, with the opportunities to showcase their achievements in school concerts – which parents and staff are invited to attend.
  • A range of sports clubs, including football, gymnastics, fencing, and cricket. PE lessons in school are led by qualified and experienced external providers who also work with staff to develop their teaching skills.

While we recognise and cater for these particular categories of children in our school, at the same time we respect the right of all children, irrespective of differences in ability, to access various areas of learning, both for their self-fulfilment, and for their eventual development into active and responsible adults.

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