Ofsted Report

We are extremely pleased to share our Ofsted report following our inspection on 28th February 2017.

We are delighted the inspectors recognised the incredible hard work the school community has engaged in over the previous few years. We have secured a good quality of education and care for our pupils whilst ensuring the smooth adoption of new key strategies from central government such as the more demanding National Curriculum, removal and replacement of assessment levels and a new Special Educational Needs Code of Practice to name but a few.

Key statements from the report include:

“(The new) curriculum … inspires pupils and helps them to develop a love of learning.”

“Pupils talked excitedly about the opportunities they are given … (and) … value the care and support they receive.”

“Pupils are very well behaved. They are polite and well mannered.”

“Pupils’ writing shows significant improvement.”

It is also heartening to know that both key areas for improvement identified by inspectors are already in the school’s own development plan and are already being tackled. Further information on the school’s own self-evaluation can be found under the ‘How We’re Doing’ tab.

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