Ofsted Report

We are extremely pleased to share our Ofsted report following our inspection on 29th September 2022.

We are delighted the inspectors recognised the incredible hard work the school community has engaged in over the previous few years. We have maintained the good quality of education and care for our pupils since our last inspection in a multitude of ways such as through the introduction of an enhanced, sequential broad and balanced curriculum and a new early reading strategy supported by banks of high quality texts at both bases.

Key statements from the report include:

“Pupils thrive at Churchfields, the Village School. They have harmonious and cooperative relationships with each other and get on well with staff. Pupils enjoy attending school. They are happy and safe.”

“Pupils are polite and considerate of one another. Their behaviour is very good in lessons and at playtimes.”

“Staff have very high expectation of all pupils. These expectations are met and pupils’ positive attitudes to learning mean they begin tasks quickly and with enthusiasm. They persist with tasks, even when they find them hard.”

“Pupils learn well and achieve well over time becoming reflective, resourceful and resilient as leaders intend. The curriculum is broad and ambitious and the work pupils complete is well matched to the ambitious curriculum.”

We are pleased to confirm that areas identified as next steps in the report were already being worked on by the school, such as the introduction of more a thorough assessment system for topic work to check pupils’ learning in subjects others than English and mathematics.

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