School Closure Home Learning Resources

Dear parents,

The staff have been working incredibly hard over the Easter holidays. They have been putting together additional worksheets and booklets for you and your children to use during school closures.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and at the heart of this we have always had your children’s wellbeing at the core. We appreciate that each family and household will have a very different set up and approach to learning at home. We do understand how difficult it is to home-school your children and each family will have very different experiences. Therefore, anything we devise or send home, is intended as a guide.

As a result of all of our hard work we have now created ‘School Closure Resources’ on our website. These pages of resources have been created to support you and your children during this unprecedented time. These resources have been specifically chosen by the class teachers and will be updated on a regular basis.

There is no need to download every single worksheet or booklet. These activities are here for you to pick and choose from. Use the resources that you feel are best suited to your child/children and home environment. We do not expect every single child to complete every single task. These resources aim to supplement the fortnightly learning grids you will be receiving. 

You may decide to print one page at a time from the booklets provided or one or two worksheets at a time. In the classroom environment children would not be completing worksheet after worksheet. They would not be sat at a desk from 9am until 3pm, movement and fresh air is paramount especially during these uncertain times.  At Churchfields we want the children to continue learning. However, we need all families to feel supported and everyone’s mental health is vital.

On the website there are four sections, EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 (yrs. 3&4) and Upper KS2 (yrs. 5&6). You will find resources for English, Maths and Science (as well as phonics for Reception to year 2 children) in each folder.

We hope you find these useful and that your children enjoy what we have planned. Remember to only use those resources that you think will support your children.

Please do not feel any unnecessary pressure to complete all of the tasks. These are here for those of you that would like something a little more formal and who also have access to a printer. We appreciate that this is not the case for all hence, the learning grids sent to each of you via email.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and having a look at the resources provided. Enjoy!

Team Churchfields

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