How We Work

The Governing Body meets at least three times a year for full membership meetings, but it also has two committees that meet once a term to discuss particular areas. Ad hoc working groups may also be set up to work on specific developments from time to time.

The Educational Standards Committee

The Educational Standards Committee discusses questions about the quality of teaching and learning for all pupils, regardless of their background and abilities. It reviews curriculum policies, looks at the provision of religious education and daily collective worship at the school against both national and Local Authority guidelines, and monitors aspects of the whole school development plan which relates to learning and the curriculum.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee, among other things, looks at the school’s budget, resources, and spending. It is responsible for looking after the school’s two historical sites and also managing the premises and grounds – which includes Health and Safety. It considers staffing issues, and contracts for providing school lunches, cleaning and grounds maintenance. It also looks at how the school projects itself and admission numbers, and it also wants to further develop its links with parents and the wider community.

It also oversees the process for the Performance Management of the Headteacher, including setting annual targets, and the performance review of other staff, which includes the consideration of pay recommendations.