Learning at Churchfields

At Churchfields we are committed to securing the best outcomes for our pupils through quality learning experiences. Our curriculum is clear, comprehensive and progressive, addressing the requirements of the National Curriculum through specific learning goals for every subject, personal learning and international mindedness.

Our thematic learning units are exciting child-friendly, modern-day topics appealing to all ages of primary children, such as ‘Time Detectives’, ‘Airports’, ‘I’m Alive’, ‘Inventions and Machines’ and ‘Global Swapshop’. Every theme or topic is planned to ensure ample opportunities for collaboration, active learning, role play, and use of the outdoor environment. These enable children to remain motivated, and at the same time making purposeful connections throughout their learning while exploring how it relates to the world they live in.

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of innovative educational practice which, coupled with our small, nurturing environment, enables our staff to personalise the experiences they provide for every child.

English Teaching

In Years one to six, objectives are taught from the National Curriculum 2014. More information and coverage across the year can be found in the following documents:

Year 1 Kingfisher & Robin

Years 1 & 2 Woodpecker

Years 3 & 4

Years 5 & 6

Phonics Teaching

We begin teaching phonics in Reception by using ‘Letters and Sounds’. More information about this scheme can be found at www.letters-and-sounds.com

Click here for further information on how you could support your child at home with phonics.


We use the ‘International Primary Curriculum’ to support our teaching of many subject areas within school. Further information can be found at www.greatlearning.com/ipc


Ofsted 2017 Good!