EYFS Classes at Churchfields School

There is a real buzz at Churchfields about the Foundation Stage classes. The outdoor learning areas have become a main focal point for all of our teaching and learning, thanks to a substantial amount of money being invested in what we believe to be the key to success and learning for many. Since the overhaul of our outdoor areas, both outdoor classroom environments are rich and dynamic and are continuously being developed to enable children to access a rich range of sensory activities.

Throughout the day the children within the Foundation Stage have access to maths concepts, phonics and writing in the outdoor classroom. Teachers plan learning opportunities that engage, consolidate and extend the teaching focus, and we firmly believe that every child has the right to daily outdoor learning. We place as much value on the outside classroom as we do on the inside. Due to this ethos, children in our care are excelling in their learning and love all of the new opportunities available to them.  Don’t just take our word for it, just listen to what the children have to say:

“The sandpit is a place where we can make whatever we want! Our new toys have let me make islands and homes for pirates.” – Antony

“The flowers on our fence let me write on them and draw. I write messages for all of the special people I know.” – Martha

“When Mrs Genner plays with us it is loads of fun, and we paint, draw and make lighthouses.” – Rosie

“I tell stories outside, and then make my own stories to tell Mrs Genner and my class friends.” – Sam

“Our new toys are great. We do lots of fun maths games now outside, and we use our washing line and cones to help us count big numbers.” – Drew

“We get really, really messy using the mud kitchen. I make dinners for my friends and we all cook outdoors. It’s noisy and makes me happy.” – Bethany


It’s not only the children that are excited but the adults too, who are also thoroughly enjoying being outdoors whatever the weather as well as using all of the exciting new resources to provoke the children’s interests.

“My class are thoroughly happy and willing little learners that amaze me each day! We love being outdoors, and feel that learning has come to life!”

Ofsted 2017 Good!