Magical Toymaker Day at Robin Class

Robin Class are enjoying a topic all about Toys, which began with a Magical Toymaker day, when they all became toymakers! The youngest children have been sorting old and new toys, and older pupils have been working on timelines to show the history of toys. In Science, we have been investigating the materials used to make toys now and in the past.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.30.13

In Music, we are using percussion instruments to develop a steady beat, and beginning to introduce simple pitched instruments to accompany songs. In Art, we have focused on a painting of ‘A Child in a Straw Hat’ by the French artist Mary Cassatt, to paint self-portraits and to explore our feelings.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.29.58

In Key Stage 1, the children are focusing on developing their reading, writing, and mathematical skills. In English, they have enjoyed stories about different toys, and are beginning to plan their own stories about toys being lost in space. In Maths, they are extending their number skills to 100 and beyond, and applying this to problem solving, and using the standard measures for length and height.

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Our Reception children have quickly settled into life at school, and as well as enjoying lots of play activities, they really like their daily phonics session, and developing early reading and writing skills. They are exploring numbers through daily counting rhymes and games, and beginning to form numbers to record their work.

Ofsted 2017 Good!